Alexander Kalashnikov – Construction for dummies in Russia: save money and mind

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О книге
«Alexander Kalashnikov – Construction for dummies in Russia: save money and mind»

Greetings English-speaking readers! This book is mainly about how things are in the construction industry in Russia. It contains our specific Russian features in the legislation and the current situation in the economy. This book is about the problems that any person who decides to connect his life with construction will face, what problems that cannot be known from the outside, how to reduce possible losses, and also about whether it is worth working in this area at all. At the moment, I have paid attention to issues and problems in designing and budgeting, planning activities, issues of general legal knowledge that you just need to know in a minimal amount, as well as problems with staffing the industry and in general industry problems in general. I think a beginner in construction about all of the above just needs to have an idea before he decides to dive into it. To be continued.

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