Andro Donovan – Motivate Yourself

Motivate Yourself
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О книге
«Andro Donovan – Motivate Yourself»

Do you want to feel more productive, more present and more inspired by your own life?

Motivate Yourself offers practical strategies to improve your productivity and gives you the know how to create the life you want. Learn how to move past your self-doubt and propel yourself into living your dream.

With practical exercises featured within each chapter, this book will help break those emotional barriers that hold you back and set you on the path to becoming fully engaged and more productive.

Kick start your productivity journey today and:

Quieten that negative inner voice that inhibits your personal growth, Wake up to the possibility and opportunity of a different way of living, Learn how to motivate those around you with productivity at the center of everything you do, Challenge yourself to discover who you really are and what you are truly capable of achieving

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