The Adventures of Kesha the Russian Boy (Константин Воскресенский)

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“The Adventures of Kesha the Russian Boy” is a coming-of-age story about the poet and engineer Konstantin Voskresenskiy, written as an autobiography. This fascinating account of the adventures of one young man takes place at a turning point in history: the early years of modern Russia, the following the collapse of the Soviet Union. This book is intended for a broad readership.

Sound engineer – Peter Svetlichniy, Executive chief editor – Leah Foden (U.K. native speaker), Basic cover illustration – Daria Asanovna Asylbek, Cover art – Marina Aleynikova, Khairullin Ildan Nailevich, Tuzhikova Lada Igorevna, Asylbek Daria Asanovna, Cover design – Sergey Tarabrin

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