Bakhtiyor Sharipov – Late pigeons

Пожалуйста оцените книгу: УжасноПлохоНормальноХорошоОтлично
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Книга из раздела: Короткие любовные романы, Книги, Литерат.

О книге
«Bakhtiyor Sharipov – Late pigeons»

Abdulla Kodiriy, a tremendous writer once wrote: “Since we entered into a new epoch, we follow the novelties of this new epoch in any direction, and thus we change in writing of stories, novels and epics, we feel the responsibility of introducing modern epoch “Takhirs and Zukhras”, “Chor Darveshs”, “Farkhads and Shirins” and “Bakhromgurs” to our people.”,

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