Anne Herries

Anne Herries — His Unusual Governess

BENEATH THE GOVERNESS’S BLUSH…Heiress Sarah Hardcastle is convinced her plan to escape the unwanted attentions of a fortune-hunter is foolproof. Buried deep in the countryside, and with a whole new identity as prim governess Miss Goodrum, Sarah is looking forward to the quiet life for once…But her careful masquerade is shaken when she meets [...]

Anne Herries — The Mysterious Lord Marlowe

WILLING CAPTIVE? When Miss Jane Lanchester is mistakenly abducted her captors soon realise they have underestimated this feisty young woman. Brave Jane makes a daring break, only to be assisted by one of her kidnappers – the mysterious and well-bred George who offers her his exclusive protection.Fleeing for their lives, Jane and Lord George [...]