B.J. Daniels

B.J. Daniels — Wedding at Cardwell Ranch

The highly anticipated continuation of the Cardwell Ranch Collection, read by more than 2 MILLION!Jackson Cardwell won’t stop until she is safe. In Montana for his brother’s nuptials, Jackson Cardwell isn’t looking to be anybody’s hero. But the Texas single father knows a beautiful lady in distress when he meets her. [...]

B.J. Daniels — Rescue at Cardwell Ranch

The highly anticipated continuation of the Cardwell Ranch Collection read by more than 2 MILLION!Saving her once was risky. Rescuing her again may be fatal.When Hayes Cardwell arrived in Big Sky, Montana, for his brother’s wedding, the Texas P.I. didn’t expect to play hero. But ever since he saved her from a brutal abductor, he [...]

B.J. Daniels — One Hot Forty-Five

Surrendering to the last Corbett bachelor…A woman in trouble was like the call of a siren for any of the Corbett boys. And while Dede was in over her head, she was off-limits to Lantry Corbett. Until a wild Montana blizzard traps the pair together and Dede finds the protection she needs in Lantry’s strong arms.But with a killer after them, [...]

B.J. Daniels — Love at First Sight

KAREN SUTTON NEVER GOT IN TROUBLE OR CAUSED A SCENEBut when she witnessed a murder, good breeding went by the wayside. She set out to expose the murderer–and came away with amnesia. The only thing she knew: she’d married the sexiest, strongest, single most beautiful man she’d ever seen.Solid and built, Jack Adams was a tough-guy cop [...]

B.J. Daniels — Howling In The Darkness

GUARDIAN OF THE NIGHTDanger! Undercover agent Jonah Ries couldn’t explain to the stunning woman who’d mistaken him for her blind date exactly how he knew someone was trying to harm her. But evil stalked Moriah’s Landing, and Katherine Ridgemont was its target. When she learned of Jonah’s deep secret, Kat might not give him [...]