Barbara Hannay

Barbara Hannay — Molės Kuper svajonių pasimatymas

Sudie, atogrąžų salos rojau… Apsimainiusi namais Molė Kuper iš Ramiojo vandenyno salos patenka į išskirtinį Londono Čelsio rajoną. Ji svajoja pagyventi Britanijoje… ir susipažinti su tobulu anglų džentelmenu! Sveikas, Londone! Patrikui Naitui atviri Molės laiškai atrodo keistai patrauklūs. Buvęs bankininkas tikisi, kad [...]

Barbara Hannay — Outback Wife and Mother

A suitable bride?Cattleman Fletcher Hardy welcomed a diversion like Ally Fraser during his tedious business trip in Melbourne. Until he found himself falling for her!He’d learned that city women were unsuited to Outback life when his Parisian mother fled their cattle station. Ever since, he’d vowed his bride had to be born and bred in [...]

Barbara Hannay — Needed: Her Mr Right

Returning from a charity cycle ride through the Himalayas, Simone is determined to finally deal with the dreadful secret she’s kept, and move on with her life.Until the diary into which she poured her troubled heart is lost– and found by billionaire journalist Ryan Tanner. Simone’s never been able to open up, to get close, and [...]

Barbara Hannay — The Bridesmaid's Best Man

Sundown in the OutbackAs the shadows grow long and the sun melts behind the hills, it’s just another day for cattleman Mark Winchester. But nothing has been the same since he was best man at a wedding in London six weeks ago and met bridesmaid Sophie Felsham….A rainy morning in London On the other side of the world, city-girl Sophie is [...]