Bronwyn Jameson — Zane: The Wild One

Everything Julia Goodwin had ever wanted was right here in the quiet little town of Plenty.At least, that was what she thought, until wrong-side-of-the-tracks rebel Zane O’Sullivan came home – and rocked her peaceful world to its foundations. Yet this wasn’t the same black-leather-and-denim bad boy who’d haunted a [...]

Bronwyn Jameson — Quade: The Irresistible One

A seemingly strong, independent woman, Chantal Goodwin had always had an unsuspected weakness, a secret hunger, for one breathtaking man – and now that man was back in town.The merest glance from Cameron Quade still made her ache like the lovesick schoolgirl she’d once been. But Chantal was a woman now, a woman who could take what she [...]

Bronwyn Jameson — In Bed with the Boss's Daughter

Corporate tough-guy Jack Manning hadn’t laid eyes on Paris Grantham since the night he’d rebuffed the eighteen-year-old’s invitation to obliterate her virginity.He’d been more than a little tempted by the boss’s daughter – and relieved the sweet seductress had retreated to London. Until now… In six years Paris had [...]