Carla Cassidy

Carla Cassidy – In a Heartbeat

DOES THE HEART REMEMBER LOVE?Caleb McMann embarked on the most emotional journey of his life, the search for the little girl who had received the ultimate gift–a new heart. His daughter’s heart. Hitting pay dirt, he temporarily moved next door to Erica Clemmons and her child, Hannah, to secretly check up on the young girl.However, Caleb [...]

Carla Cassidy – His New Nanny

The whole town was talking about his new nanny–and that wasn’t all… There were whispers about Sawyer Bennett, locked up behind his estate’s stone walls. Untouchable. The only chink in his armor–his mute daughter. But not even his wealth and influence could silence the rumors since the suspicious death of his socialite wife.So why [...]

Carla Cassidy – Waiting for the Wedding

They’d waited for their wedding night…the night that never happened. And five years later Sherry Boyd still held fast to her virginity. But it seemed her former fiance, Clint Grahan, had not–the «evidence» lay nestled against his broad chest. Now, the irresistible sheriff came to her–of all people–for help in caring for the [...]

Carla Cassidy – To Wed and Protect

Luke Delaney was the sexiest–and most scandalous–man Inferno, Arizona, society had ever bred. Though he’d broken all the rules, he was coming to terms with the past and moving on with his future–until he met tempting single mother Abby Graham and did an about-face.Running for her life, Abby had come to Inferno to elude the dangerous [...]

Carla Cassidy – Strangers When We Married

THE AGENT: Seth Greene, determined operative–and estranged husband and father.THE MISSION: Infiltrate his ex-wife’s home–and gain her much-needed expertise.THE DEVASTATING DISCOVERY: Seth is still very much in love with his ex….Their courtship was whirlwind, their marriage passionate–and all too brief. For the only way Seth had been [...]

Carla Cassidy – Promised to a Sheikh

After taking the throne and marrying the woman he’d chosen, Sheik Omar Al Abdar felt like the richest man in all of Gaspar. But his new bride had a secret–she was Cara Carson, twin sister of the woman he’d thought he’d brought home. When Sheik Omar discovered the truth, he was angry…and confused. And before long he had a [...]

Carla Cassidy – Lost In His Arms

Talbot McCarthy was darkly sexy, enormously successful and the only man who fired Elizabeth’s passions. Unfortunately, he was her ex-husband’s brother.So strong was the attraction that she’d not even been alone with him in nine years. But when her son turned up missing and Talbot offered his plane to bring him home, Elizabeth had [...]
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