Caroline Anderson

Caroline Anderson — Tempted by Dr Daisy

When a messy divorce leaves Ben Walker’s young daughter distraught, she automatically takes priority over his love-life. But little Florence finds bubbly colleague and girl-next-door Daisy Fuller as lovable as Ben does! Perhaps together they can persuade Daisy to open her heart again…to two people who’ll cherish her for ever! The Fiancée He [...]

Caroline Anderson — Risk of a Lifetime

Striding into A&E, staggeringly handsome Dr Ed Shackleton leaves Dr Annie Brooks’s heart racing! Men are off the menu for this single mum, but avoiding brooding Ed proves impossible…Ed’s fear of his hereditary illness means he’s ruled out love. Yet a fling with Annie makes him want the unthinkable. Can Annie convince Ed that love is [...]

Caroline Anderson — Just a Family Doctor

THE MAN BEHIND THE DOCWhen Mark Jarvis arrives at Audley Memorial Hospital as a paediatric Senior House Officer, Nurse Allie Baker’s heart skips a beat. Allie’s been in love with Mark for years, and now they’re finally in the same place emotionally she’s going to make the most of being able to declare her love publicly! Allie [...]

Caroline Anderson — The Secret in His Heart

He had promised to look after her…now he wants so much more.»Promise me you’ll take care of her.» Simple as that. Except for Dr. James Slater, fulfilling his vow to look after his best friend’s wife after he died in Afghanistan has never been simple. Especially now that lovely, vital Connie has asked him to help her have a [...]

Caroline Anderson — The Fiancée He Can't Forget

Seeing ex-fiancée Amy at his brother’s wedding throws Matt Walker’s world dangerously off-balance. Their relationship imploded years ago, but he’s never got her out of his head – and neither can resist a one-night-only reunion! But Matt wants a lifetime by Amy’s side, not a night, and a pregnancy bombshell gives him the chance to prove [...]