Christine Rimmer

Christine Rimmer — His Executive Sweetheart

It happpend on Valentine’s DayOne day she was the prim-and-proper executive assistant, the next day Celia Tuttle fell madly, hopelessly in love with her boss–mogul Aaron Bravo, bachelor extraordinaire. She knew he’d never marry…she’d bought too many farewell gifts for his on-their-way-out-the-door girlfriends to suspect [...]

Christine Rimmer — The Midnight Rider Takes A Bride

DO YOU… HAVE TO GET MARRIED, ADORA BEAUDINE?That’s what all the town gossips were asking – and what else could she expect? Ladylike Adora was supposed to settle down to a life of solid respectability, and instead she was about to say «I do» to a motorcycle-riding outlaw named Jed Ryder. What, everyone wondered, had gotten into her? [...]

Christine Rimmer — The M.D. She Had To Marry

MARRY IN CONVENIENCE…All her adult life Lacey Bravo had loved Logan Severance, but the good doctor–always hell-bent on doing the right thing–had never even made an improper advance toward her. Well, maybe one, about nine months ago. So the about-to-be single mom knew Logan would come after her, demanding marriage. It was just a question of [...]