Debbi Rawlins

Debbi Rawlins — His Royal Prize

Texas Sheikhs: Though their veins course with royal blood, their pride lies in the Texas land they call home!THE SECRET HEIRDashing bachelor prince Sharif Asad Al Farid swept onto the Desert Rose ranch, his eyes as fierce as the Texas heat. Although he’d come to meet his newfound relatives, it was their lovely ranch hand who attracted his [...]

Debbi Rawlins — Loving A Lonesome Cowboy

A man with an empty houseA woman in need of shelterWidowed rancher Ethan Slade had retreated from society to live in a shack on his vast property. But with his nieces coming for a holiday, he had to open the ranch house–a place he hadn’t set foot in for years. Where, in two short days, could he find someone to make a house a home?Stranded [...]

Debbi Rawlins — In His Wildest Dreams

Nick Ryder isn’t happy about anyone analyzing his dreams, even if it’s only as a favor to his sister’s friend Emma.But after getting an eyeful of Emma au naturel, his dreams become more like an X-rated movie – with Emma in the starring role! Which would be fine – if Emma didn’t expect him to share every little detail [...]

Debbi Rawlins — If He Only Knew…

She seemed like the perfect lady! As far as New York City attorney Cody Shea could see, Sara Wells was a model temp. She had brains and beauty–in fact, if he hadn’t been her boss, there were a few highly improper things he would have asked the very proper Southern belle to do…Living in Manhattan under an assumed name for a year was [...]

Debbi Rawlins — To Love An Older Man

She Needed a Place To Call HomeBeth Anderson was pregnant and had nowhere to turn–until handsome, and much older, lawyer David Matthews offered her a warm place to stay for the night, no strings attached. But a well-meaning matchmaker saw the spark between them and resolved to make Beth’s visit more permanent.He Needed Someone To LoveDavid [...]

Debbi Rawlins — The Honeymoon That Wasn't

Hijack another couple’s honeymoon? Manhattan lawyer Dakota Shea can’t believe she’s done just that–and with someone like Tony San Angelo. Not that she’s a snob, but let’s face it, blue-collar Tony is, well, blue collar.And as much as she hates to admit it, he’d never fit into her world. Still, Dakota wants [...]