Elizabeth Harbison

Elizabeth Harbison — Wife Without a Past

Fabulous FathersHIS AMNESIAC BRIDE…Could Andrew Bennett really be face-to-face with his late wife? She was the woman he’d never stopped loving, without whom he’d felt life wasn’t worth living. And now Laura was suddenly, mysteriously back…but she didn’t recognize him…or their child.Laura couldn’t remember being [...]

Elizabeth Harbison — Taming of the Two

TAMING OF THE ICE PRINCESS…Tired of her sister’s meddling in her love life, Kate Gregory knows their ancient-fashioned father won’t bless her sister’s wedding plans until she finds someone. And she discovers the perfect candidate when her childhood nemesis returns to save his family’s ranch. Pretending to fall for Ben [...]

Elizabeth Harbison — If the Slipper Fits

LIVING IN A FAIRY TALE…Prince Conrad of Beloria arrived in New York to host a charity banquet n his family’s honor, his playboy reputation preceding him. Every eligible society girl in town wanted to accompany the wealthy royal to the ball. But to his stepmother’s dismay, the handsome prince only had eyes for one woman….The wrong [...]