Eva Rutland

Eva Rutland — The Million-Dollar Marriage

Whirlwind WeddingsFor richer, for poorer…Tony Costello adored Melody. He loved her warmth, her bubbly sense of humor…. There were a million reasons to marry her. Thirty million to be precise–in dollars! Except Tony hadn’t known about his bride’s fortune. And he couldn’t forgive her for it–for being rich and for keeping it [...]

Eva Rutland — Her Own Prince Charming

Reform of the playboy!Brad Vandercamp was rich, handsome and charming. No wonder his nickname was Prince! He could have any woman he wanted–but it was Paula who caught his eye: at a party where he was the guest of honor, and she was serving the champagne!They were worlds apart–and Paula didn’t belong in his. Prince was a playboy, and [...]