Ingrid Weaver

Ingrid Weaver — The Angel and the Outlaw

SHE WAS SECONDS AWAY FROM PULLING THE TRIGGER……when the stranger strode out of the storm and witnessed her failure to take out her brother’s killer. His eyes, his gaze…everything about him stirred a response in Hayley Tavistock. But he’d interfered in her plan for vengeance. And for that, Cooper Webb had some explaining to do. He [...]

Ingrid Weaver — Seven Days To Forever

Dark. Predatory. Gorgeous. Those thoughts and more went through Abbie Locke’s mind the first time she laid eyes on Delta Force Sergeant Flynn O’Toole. She’d mistakenly picked up a ransom, and now it was up to the courageous Eagle Squadron soldier to protect Abbie from terrorists.Though passion coursed through his veins, the [...]