Jacqueline Diamond

Jacqueline Diamond — Prognosis: A Baby? Maybe

One Night Was All It Took…for Dr. Jason Carmichael to believe that Heather Rourke had given birth to his baby. After all, there were the rumors that she’d taken off from work for two months for «personal reasons,» right around the time she would have gone into labor. And then there was that adorable infant he’d seen when he’d [...]

Jacqueline Diamond — Prescription: Marry Her Immediately

Just What the Doctor Ordered…Dr. Quent Ladd had dedicated his life to bringing babies into the world, but that didn’t mean he was ready to have his own. So when this very confirmed bachelor suddenly found himself the guardian of two beautiful, rambunctious young children, he needed help badly–and he turned to his very best friend. [...]

Jacqueline Diamond — The Doctor's Little Secret

Straight-Arrow M.D. Meets Shoot-From-The-Hip Lady CopAnd they are so wrong for each other!Russ McKenzie knows it the first time he runs afoul of Rachel Byers and stares down the barrel of her gun. But when the town’s new doctor needs a temporary fiancée to gain custody of the daughter he’s kept secret for the past five years, [...]