Joan Elliott Pickart

Joan Pickart — Just My Joe

SOMETHING ABOUT JOE…Tall, dark… and arrogant-that was Polly Chapman’s first impression of Joe Dillon. But then she took a closer look. Born with a sterling-silver spoon in his mouth, Joe chose instead to live modestly among the inner-city kids he taught… and took under his broad, protective wing.Drop-dead gorgeous, he had his pick of [...]

Joan Pickart — To A Macallister Born

ANOTHER MACALLISTER BLESSING?He was just passing through town, when his life changed forever. Jack MacAllister, tried-and-true bachelor, suddenly found himself a little boy’s #1 daddy pick. But the adorable tyke’s single mom didn’t seem as sold…and Jack sensed she was keeping secrets. But something about Jennifer Mackane made [...]

Joan Pickart — Taming Tall, Dark Brandon

TURNABOUT IS FAIR PLAY… .Marriage and babies weren’t what Andrea Cunningham wanted – but Brandon Hamilton was. The gregarious hotel owner had a head for business, a body for loving… and a heart as warm and welcoming as his strong embrace. Like Andrea, he knew two weeks was too little time to understand what was happening between [...]

Joan Pickart — Tall, Dark And Irresistible

COURTING CAROLYN…Adoption specialist Carolyn St. John had given up on ever holding her own baby. For Carolyn knew the handicap that distanced her from others barred a future for her and any man. And then she met Ryan Sharpe….The architect was blatantly masculine, sexy and…downright irresistible. As a member of the extended, loving [...]