Jodi O'Donnell

Jodi O’Donnell — The Rancher's Daughter

They came from different worldsTo the residents of Rumor, Montana, Ash McDonough was nothing but trouble. It didn’t matter that ten years had passed since he’d last set foot in town. Nothing could redeem him–not even the fact that he’d rescued the daughter of the most powerful man in the county from a fiery blaze.But Maura [...]

Jodi O’Donnell — When Baby Was Born

Her newborn son was perfect.She had rugged cattleman Cade McGivern to thank for that. He’d delivered her baby when a New Year’s snowstorm stranded her at his ranch. She knew that Cade’s strength and quick thinking had saved her and her baby. She just didn’t know who she was.Cade believed she was Sara McGivern–his [...]