Karen Booth

Karen Booth — The Ceo Daddy Next Door: A Single Dad Romance

“You believe all of that business about there being a true love for everyone? Or is it just for your show?”“I do believe it.”Marcus took a look around the dance floor. All eyes on them.“I’m tempted to give them a show.”“What did you have in mind?”Ashley is a glamourous reality television presenter. Marcus is a reserved CEO with a [...]

Karen Booth — The Best Man's Baby

It’s a second-chance baby! Julia Keys has everything going for her—beauty, brains and a Hollywood career. So why does she keep ending up in Logan Brandt’s bed? The sexy former pro baseball player has wreaked havoc on her heart for years. But when their latest fling ends with a plus sign on the pregnancy test, Logan makes the case for [...]

Karen Booth — Viengungio dienos suskaičiuotos

Milijardierius tariasi dėl kūdikio! Vienas žvilgsnis į žydras nekaltas sūnaus akis ir Eidanas Lengfordas supranta: jo nerūpestingo, pašėlusio gyvenimo dienos suskaičiuotos. Jei tik pavyktų įtikinti laikinąją sūnaus globėją Sarą Daltri pamokyti jį tėvystės… Geraširdė Sara tikrai sutiks su pasiūlymu dešimt dienų [...]