Kate Walker

Kate Walker — Paskutinį „taip“ tars ji

Problema… Darijus Oliveras siekia atkeršyti įbroliui. Geriausias būdas tai padaryti – pasinaudoti Alisa Gregori. Ši moteris turi tai, kas padės jam atgauti šeimos pasitikėjimą. Be to, ji įklimpusi į didžiulę bėdą Tai tik dar labiau pastūmėja Darijų suvilioti Alisą. Sprendimas… Alisa nenusiteikusi santuokai. Bet šis [...]

Kate Walker — The Groom's Revenge

The wedding revenge Everything had been perfect. India Marchant had planned her fairy-tale wedding and all that had remained was for the groom, Aidan Wolfe, to say «I do.» But he hadn’t! Instead, he accused India of being a gold digger and had walked away from the altar and out of her life.A year later Aidan was back and India was [...]

Kate Walker — Hers For A Night

For twenty-four hours only… Lucas Mallory – star attraction of a celebrity charity auction.Tall, dark, handsome and fabulously wealthy, he was every woman’s dream date. Georgia Harding – successful businesswoman. She wanted to impress her father at his sixtieth birthday party by taking along the perfect man – so she bid for [...]

Kate Walker — The Christmas Baby's Gift

They had both longed for a child. That was enough for Peta and Liam to decide to get married. Love would never have to enter the equation.But one year later, Peta is devastated to realize that she’s fallen in love with her husband, despite their agreement. There’s also still no sign of their much-wanted child, and the heartbreaking [...]