Lindsay McKenna

Lindsay McKenna — Hunter's Woman

WHATEVER HUNTER WANTED… HUNTER GOT And the long, lean military man wanted his woman back from the moment he set his piercing gaze on her again. ‘Cause Ty Hunter might have let Dr. Catt Alborak walk away once, but not even a passionate Texas hellion like her could escape him a second time.For despite the protest on her soft lips when he [...]

Lindsay McKenna — Hunter's Pride

THE TOUGHER HUNTER WAS… The harder he was bound to fall. But that didn’t stop rugged mercenary Devlin Hunter from shrugging off his boss’s order to partner up with pretty Kulani Dawson on his latest mission. After all, a man had his pride–and this man worked alone.But Kulani wasn’t about to let Dev stalk off into dangerous [...]

Lindsay McKenna — Shadows from the Past

When photojournalist Kamaria Trayhern goes undercover at the Mason family ranch, she’s hoping to find her real father, not romance. But keeping everyone convinced she is who she claims to be will be harder than she expects–especially where one sexy ranch hand is concerned. After all he’s been through, there’s no way Wesley [...]

Lindsay McKenna — Man With A Mission

A tower of testosterone, Captain Jake Travers had the drive, the daring and the pulverizingly masculine muscles to rescue his kidnapped kid sister singlehandedly.All he needed was a guide through the perilous Peruvian jungle. What he got was Lieutenant Cortina. Ana Lucia Cortina–a strong, sensual female soldier who outraged Jake’s military [...]