Marie Ferrarella

Marie Ferrarella — Hero for Hire

HIS ONLY FEARKidnapped as a boy, Chad Andreini had devoted his life to rescuing abducted children. But this anguished mother was different. Alluring Veronica Lancaster stirred within Chad a long-buried desire to belong somewhere-and made more painful the stark dread that he never would….HER ONLY HOPETrusting a total stranger with her precious [...]

Marie Ferrarella — Sundays Are for Murder

A serial killer who strikes on Sundays is back in business, and workaholic FBI agent Charlotte «Charly» Dow will do anything to catch him. For Charly, the investigation is personal. Her sister was one of the victims murdered during the psychopath’s vicious killing spree. The tragedy destroyed Charly’s family…even sending her mother [...]

Marie Ferrarella — One Plus One Makes Marriage

LIKE MOTHER LIKE DAUGHTERTHE BEASTLance Reed didn’t need this exasperating female’s endless chatter. Couldn’t she tell that he wasn’t looking for a friend? Much less that dreaded w word: wedding. Still, there was something about her warm, gentle smile that suddenly had him imagining a future with her…a future that could [...]

Marie Ferrarella — M.D. Most Wanted

From the moment she was rushed into Blair Memorial’s emergency room, Dr. Reese Bendenetti’s famous new patient had turned his solitary life upside down. For the first time, this dedicated surgeon was beginning to wonder if healing others might not be fulfillment enough….London Merriweather’s world of wealth and privilege could [...]

Marie Ferrarella — The Man Who Would Be Daddy

Bundles of JoyTWENTY POUNDS OF PERFECTIONThe moment Malcolm Evans laid eyes on tiny Robin Winslow, he was hooked. An enchantress in pink cotton rompers, she brought back feelings Malcolm would have sworn he’d buried for good.AND A MOMMY TO MATCHChrista Winslow had her baby daughter’s blue eyes and blond hair–and the same indefinable [...]

Marie Ferrarella — The M.D. Meets His Match

THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE…ALASKA? One week back in her rustic hometown, and April Yearling remembered exactly why she’d fled to the lower forty-eight. The moment her ailing grandmother recovered, she planned to hightail it back to civilization–alone! Never mind that a certain sexy doctor had her yearning for everything she’d [...]