MELANIE MILBURNE – Scandal: Unclaimed Love-Child

He’ll claim his baby…by whatever means! Billionaire Luca Sabbatini may have ruthlessly cast Bronte from his life…but he’d be lying if he said he’d forgotten this sweet ballerina. That’s why he’s back, and ready to reawaken their lost passion. Only this time he finds Bronte isn’t quite so biddable! Her better judgement is urging her [...]

MELANIE MILBURNE – Unwrapping His Convenient Fiancée

The perfect lie…Violet Drummond can’t face another office Christmas party as a singleton, but charismatic family friend Cameron McKinnon seems like the perfectly platonic plus one for the festive season. Until he reveals his plan to make Violet his convenient fiancée!Wealthy Architect Cameron sees this charade as the perfect escape hatch from [...]

MELANIE MILBURNE – Their Most Forbidden Fling

Forbidden but not forgotten…As Molly Drummond’s new boss, Lucas Banning poses a challenge – he’s brooding, demanding, and far too good-looking. He’s also a living, breathing reminder of the greatest tragedy in Molly’s life – so what does it mean that her heart skips a beat every time she sees him?Before long these star-crossed lovers [...]

MELANIE MILBURNE – The Temporary Mrs Marchetti

The rules of engagement…When Cristiano Marchetti proposes to former mistress Alice Piper, the deal has an expiry date. He has six months to fulfil the conditions of his grandmother’s will. But the hotelier has another agenda…exacting revenge on Alice for daring to walk away seven years before!Alice needs the financial security her enemy is [...]

MELANIE MILBURNE – The Tycoon's Marriage Deal

A virgin’s passionate awakeningRuthless playboy Blake McClelland dominates in the boardroom and commands in the bedroom. So when he’s required to produce a fiancée in order to clinch the most important deal of his life, his solution is as cold-hearted as Blake himself – he’ll choose a woman innocent enough to convince the world he’s a [...]