Michele Dunaway

Michele Dunaway — Taming The Tabloid Heiress

HAS PAMPERED SOCIALITE KIT O’BRIEN FINALLY MET HER MATCH?New York’s most notorious, not to mention most beautiful, heiress, Kit O’Brien, is trying to get a reputation as a working girl–that is, a journalist. And her first interview subject is none other than handsome millionaire Joshua Parker. Talk about sparks… The two of [...]

Michele Dunaway — Sweeping The Bride Away

Cassidy Clayton had a case of the hots for Mr. Toolbelt, aka Blade Frederick, her contractor. But Blade wasn’t the man she was supposed to marry. Bad-boy Blade wasn’t even in her league…but their combustible chemistry made them both forget which side of the tracks they came from!Blade Frederick enjoyed seeing a rich girl get hot [...]