Missy Tippens

Missy Tippens — His Forever Love

In Magnolia, Georgia, local legend says that a couple who holds hands around the «forever» tree will have an unending love.Even so, Bill Wellington held Lindsay Jones’s hands around that tree years ago…and then left her behind. He chose the big city, and now he wants to bring his grandmother there. But to his amazement, he finds that [...]

Missy Tippens — Her Unlikely Family

Take responsibility for his orphaned niece, yes. Raise her himself, no.A good boarding school was what the girl needed, not an uncle who was never home. But then Michael Throckmorton’s niece ran away. And the big-hearted, beautiful diner waitress who’d taken her in wasn’t letting her go so easily.Josie Miller had a few conditions [...]

Missy Tippens — The Guy Next Door

From Friend to…Fiancé?Stalwart and steady, Darcy O’Malley has been by Luke Jordan’s side since childhood. She has seen him through trials and tragedies, romances and breakups. They’ve been everything to each other–except boyfriend and girlfriend. Why ruin a good thing? What Luke can’t explain, however, is why suddenly [...]