Myrna Mackenzie

Myrna Mackenzie — A Very Special Delivery

I’m going to have my baby. Right now!Rushing to the rescue, Mick Hannon swept the vulnerable, delicate woman into his arms–and straight to the Maitland Maternity clinic door. But before he could leave, he suddenly found himself coaxing–and coaching–her through the birth!Mick was secretly investigating some odd incidents at the clinic. [...]

Myrna Mackenzie — Abielu miljardärbossiga

Mässaja ja punapea Carson Banick: perekonna must lammas on tagasi – seekord on perekonna tulevik ja õnn tema kätes. Ta peab leidma õige naise ja kinkima perele pärija. Beth Krayton: Carsoni vapper abiline on otsustanud ise, ilma meheta, oma eluga hakkama [...]

Myrna Mackenzie — Much Ado About Matchmaking

WHAT, ME MARRY? NEVER![Or so says Emmaline Carstairs. Until she met her uncle’s new business associate and Rencountered a matchmaking conspiracy that derailed her plans! Seems her beloved Uncle Gilbert was determined to steal a page from Shakespeare himself on the subject of matchmaking. Uncle Gilbert thought Ryan Benedict was worthy of his [...]