Nikolay Lakutin

Nikolay Lakutin – Oh, I love… A series of short stories

A series of impossible, unusual, funny, sometimes frightening stories that really happened in my life. I believe that you will not believe everything, dear reader, but… I don’t really hope for it. Experience has been gained, experience has been transferred… Then the move is up to you. With warmth, Nikolay Lakutin. Good to you and [...]

Nikolay Lakutin – Sly Zhoriki. A play for 3 people. Comedy

What just does not happen in the world. Imagine, two Georgians, two friends, without knowing it, are courting the same girl. And the girl likes both of them, and she can’t decide what to do, who to choose. But sooner or later the secret becomes clear, and intellectual competitions for the hand and heart of the chosen one begin between [...]

Nikolay Lakutin – A play for 5 people. Defrosting relationships

Susanna and Yakov have been living together for almost fifteen years. Their relationship has not just cooled, they are completely frozen. And it has not been possible to unfreeze them for a long time. But life can be benevolent, it sends an unhappy married couple a clear example that shows how you can quickly fix and restore [...]

Nikolay Lakutin – Two at the slap. A play for 2 people

The couple we want to introduce you to is quite atypical. Their family life proceeds in a completely unusual, and for most people, even in an unacceptable way. Yes, they are just as able to swear and make up as everyone else, but the very way of family life is very unusual for them. It is difficult for us to judge whether this married couple lives [...]

Nikolay Lakutin – Ivanich Guest House

It is difficult to explain how fate builds its crossroads and organizes meetings with certain people on the path of life. Whatever it was-these meetings are not very random… All the events, organizations and characters are the author’s fiction. Any coincidence of the names, surnames and positions of the characters with the real names [...]

Nikolay Lakutin – The incident on the bus

This story is dedicated to all lovers and mistresses. There is no narrative or judgment here, and we do not undertake to judge what is good and what may not be very good. We just want to tell you an interesting story, and perhaps delicately warn someone so that such episodes do not happen [...]

Nikolay Lakutin – When no longer a fool. Story

I was once as silly as most girls are when they’re seventeen. A pretty figure and a pretty face – it seemed that nothing else was needed for life, everything else life would present on a platter. But, if only I had been given a little more brains in addition to external [...]
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