Nikolay Lakutin

Nikolay Lakutin — Is there life after marriage

No further than the first page for the author’s wife. Do not continue this line for a friend of the wife of the author. Not earlier than 18 years to the younger generation. And the others… hold on! The whole truth-the uterus, as it is! Содержит нецензурную [...]

Nikolay Lakutin — Exclusive New year. Play for 6-7 people

Corporate events in the organization and the cycle of incidents have a lot in common. We do not usually think through every detail and run the program of the event as a rehearsal. We are driven by improvisation on the basis of intoxicating beverages. Therefore, corporate events in Russia almost always leave a vivid indelible impression in the [...]

Nikolay Lakutin — Plays on the 5,6,7,8,9,10 people. Collection №4

This collection contains modern classic, fantastic, new year’s and extravagant plays of the 2019-2020s with the number of actors from five to ten people. Performances based on some of the plays listed in the collection are already being staged on the territory of the Russian Federation. Содержит нецензурную [...]

Nikolay Lakutin — Play for 1 human. My strangers life. DRAMA. COMEDY

What is the life of an actor? Some of us can imagine or guess how the natives of the scene live. But the external life is very different from the internal life, and the actor, like no other, shows this polarization. Of course, the game of life is filled with certain positive components, which is not present in other professions, but it also has [...]

Nikolay Lakutin — Play for 6 people. Once two new year's eve…

Two friends, on a fine winter day, unexpectedly decide to veto their love Affairs, and start the New year with a clean slate. Determined, they almost sincerely try to enter a righteous life, but will their mistresses want to let their «friends» out of their clutches? What will come of this, read in the Comedy play «Somehow two under [...]

Nikolay Lakutin — Personal ad. A play for 5.6 or 7 people

How would You describe yourself if you were planning to place your ad on a Dating site? Would you write everything honestly, without embellishment, as it is, with all the flaws and nuances? Our hero decided on such a crazy act. Do you want to know what happened? Then we offer you the Comedy «Honest [...]

Nikolay Lakutin — Suicide or DAY FOR MARRIAGE. Play for 2 people

When years old remind of themselves no longer with the most joyful emotions, and the success and achievements in life are very mediocre, then the internal age crisis can sometimes end tragically. BUT! What if two such characters on the threshold of their extremes in experiences suddenly collide on the border of [...]

Nikolay Lakutin — Play on 3, 4, 5 people. As if I gave it to you

As if I gave it to you! As if she did! How many meanings do You see in this phrase? One? Two? The characters of this play will tell You about the three meanings of this expression. They will tell you, show you and provide you with a choice of the scenario that is close to You! Enjoy your dive… Содержит нецензурную [...]
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