Patricia Kay

Patricia Kay — You've Got Game

PLAYING…FOR KEEPS?As handsome and stubbornly infuriating Nick DeSanto, manager, and as ice queen company owner Lorna Hathaway, they were not a match made in heaven. But as «Coach» and «Sweet Stuff»–online pals and competitors–they made a great couple. And it wasn’t until their plan to meet went awry that Nick realized who the woman [...]

Patricia Kay — The Millionaire and the Mum

LOVE IS ABOUT SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. SOME MEN FALL, BUT SURVIVORS LIKE ME DON’T.–Jack Stockwell’s thoughts on loveMercenary Jack Stockwell’s secret mission was twofold: 1) Find out if the Stockwells had swindled Beth Johnson’s ancestors out of their fortune, and 2) Get out with his heart intact. The strong, earthy widow [...]