Rebecca Winters

Rebecca Winters — Montefalko nuotaka

Netoli vieno Italijos kaimo tarp kvapnių levandų laukų stovi senovinis aristokratų Montefalkų namas. Ieškodama atsakymų į ją kamuojančius klausimus Elė Parker atskrenda į Italiją. Ji nori pasikalbėti su kunigaikščiu Marčelu Montefalku, kurio žmona kartu su jos vyru žuvo automobilio katastrofoje. Marčelo brolis Džianinas [...]

Rebecca Winters — Taming the French Tycoon

Can she melt his frozen heart?Since taking over the luxurious Ferriers perfume brand, new CEO Jasmine Martin has been fighting an uphill battle to prove she deserves her high-powered position! Especially to brooding tycoon Luc Charriere, the most distractingly handsome man she’s ever met…Luc doesn’t trust easily, but Jasmine needs his help, [...]

Rebecca Winters — The Greek's Tiny Miracle

His only chance to be a father…Navy SEAL captain Nikos Vassalos is a shell of the man he once was. Tortured by PTSD, he isolates himself on his luxury yacht. But his bitter solitude is interrupted–by a heavily pregnant woman who tells him he’s about to be a dad!Putting her own deep-rooted fears of rejection aside, Stephanie Marsh is [...]