Sara Orwig

Sara Orwig – Cowboy’s Secret Child

MARRIAGE – ON HIS TERMSRodeo champion and rancher Jeb Stuart was determined to claim the son his ex-wife had given away, but he hadn’t counted on the little boy’s love for his charming adoptive mother, Amanda Crockett. Jeb proposed a marriage of convenience for his son’s sake, but Amanda soon found that what suited the rugged [...]

Sara Orwig – The Rancher, the Baby & the Nanny

Rodeo rider Wyatt Sawyer was used to handling bucking broncos, not babies!So when he became guardian of his five-month-old niece, Wyatt knew he needed to hire a nanny. He just never expected that nanny to be the lovely Grace Talmadge – who was easy on the eyes and a terrible temptation to a commitment-wary cowboy’s heart.Grace liked her [...]