Sharon Swan

Sharon Swan — Husband In Harmony

Mixing Business And Pleasure– Or Just Getting Mixed Up?Adam Lassiter is one of the top men in his field, a consultant who specializes in turning around unsuccessful businesses. He’s married to his job, which explains why he’s now divorced and why he needs to put some major time and effort into winning back his eight-year-old [...]

Sharon Swan — Home-Grown Husband

It’s time you took a lover.Take a lover? Seduce her mysterious new neighbor? Tess Cameron laughed aloud at her best friend’s suggestion. Then she met Jordan Trask, aforementioned neighbor. Suddenly Tess began to wonder how a homebody, single-mom gardener went about seducing a drop-dead-gorgeous, devastatingly appealing [...]

Sharon Swan — Her Necessary Husband

From Housekeeper…To Honeymooner?If someone had told Jenna Lorenzo that she’d be floating down the aisle to wed the biggest catch in Harmony–after applying for a position as Ross Hayward’s housekeeper, no less–she’d have laughed her head off! But here she was…adorned in an antique wedding gown, shielding a scandalous past, [...]