Susan Fox

Susan Fox — His Hired Bride

He’s her boss…Though Eadie’s business is slowly but surely going under, she relies on the extra cash she earns working for Hoyt Donovan. Only she has a secret: she’s madly in love with him!Then one day everything changes…Hoyt narrowly escapes death in an accident–and he reassesses his whole life. He wants a wife…some [...]

Susan Fox — To Tame a Bride

REBEL BridesTwo rebellious cousins–and the men who tame them!Maddie St. John knows that Lincoln Coryell has dismissed her as a spoiled, glamorous socialite. He seems alternately amused and annoyed by her, which infuriates Maddie, as she badly needs his help! Only, pride won’t let her admit it–or that she finds his rugged good looks [...]