Teresa Southwick

Teresa Southwick — It Takes Three

Scott Matthews had been a single dad since he was just a kid himself. Now, with an empty nest, the last thing he wanted was a new relationship to tie him down. But with one sassy smile from the sexy caterer in his kitchen, he was tempted to savor every moment with her.After her husband’s death, mom to-be Thea Bell had given up on [...]

Teresa Southwick — To Kiss a Sheikh

Desperate for a job, American beauty Crystal Rawlins would have done anything to become nanny to Sheik Fariq Hassan’s children. And telling a little white lie about her looks to secure a dream job in an exotic location seemed like a very small detail. But then she met her boss, and saw the definition of tall, dark and…wow!Burned before, [...]

Teresa Southwick — To Catch a Sheikh

And practical-minded Penelope Doyle had yet to find one who didn’t turn into a toad at the first lip lock. But when the worst of the bunch stole her heart and her seed money, she vowed she would never again pursue a fairy tale.Even after she accepted a job in El Zafir and met her new boss, Rafiq Hassan, a truly splendid prince whose [...]

Teresa Southwick — The Bachelor's Baby

CONGRATULATIONS, COWBOY…Tucker Smith had waited one long year for his second «date» with the pretty lady he’d shared one passionate night with. But nothing had prepared the rugged rodeo man for the three little words that Casey Wright had come to tell him….YOU’RE A FATHER!That’s all Casey had to say to Tucker. After all, [...]

Teresa Southwick — That Touch of Pink

Now Playing: A tale of a woman in need of a man–but only for the weekend….Starring as Single Mom: Abby Walsh–She’d bid on an ex-army ranger with «survival» skills at the charity auction to help her daughter earn a hiking badge. So why are her survival skills being tested when a camping trip with Riley awakens too many long-buried [...]

Teresa Southwick — When A Hero Comes Along

The return of the father When Joe Morgan showed up again on Kate Carpenter’s doorstep, the E.R. nurse didn’t know what to think.After Kate had discovered she was pregnant, she’d waited to hear from the helicopter pilot and on-duty marine. Nothing. So why would the man who had left without a second glance suddenly return to her [...]

Teresa Southwick — Wedding Rings and Baby Things

I’M YOUR GROOMDEBUT AUTHORBABY ON THE WAYEveryone in town was talking about the pregnant and unmarried teacher. Kelly’s condition–not to mention swelling belly–were a source of good gossip and great concern. For her baby’s sake, Kelly knew escaping scandal meant finding an instant dad.Mike Cameron was not the father of [...]

Teresa Southwick — The Sheikh's Reluctant Bride

Jessica Sterling has just discovered a life-changing secret.In the desert kingdom of Bha’Khar is the family she never knew she had! Little does she realize that includes the man she’s been betrothed to since birth….Sheikh Kardahl Hourani is rich, gorgeous and just a tiny bit arrogant. He’s happy to marry, but this brooding [...]