Terry Essig

Terry Essig — What The Nursery Needs…

MISSION: BABYHer biological clock ticking loudly, Catherine Nicholson set «Plan Baby» into action. But with no good man in sight, the sperm bank seemed like the only way to get what the nursery needed. Then she met her neighbor, gorgeous Jason Engel. And from the looks of the single dad’s adorable daughter, Jason could definitely give [...]

Terry Essig — Mad For The Dad

Fabulous FathersDO YOU TAKE THIS DADDY?What luck! The sexiest man had just strolled past Rachel Gatlin’s window. Newly single, Rachel was all set to welcome her handsome new neighbor–and see if he had any plans for the rest of his life. But was that a baby he was holding?Though Rachel adored little tykes, she’d done motherhood [...]