Tina Beckett

Tina Beckett — The Doctors' Baby Miracle

Losing a baby tore them apart…Can having another reunite them?Losing their daughter left doctors Tucker and Kady heartbroken, and when Tucker couldn’t face trying for another child it left their marriage in pieces. Meeting again at a medical event, they find their memories are reawakened—along with their scorching chemistry! But Kady still [...]

Tina Beckett — The Soldier She Could Never Forget

Some things you never forget…Your first time. Your first love. Your first broken heart. Or, in Jessi Riley’s case, all three combined in one…as Clinton Marks.Bad boy extraordinaire, Clint left town the night of Jessi’s graduation, after sharing one unforgettable night together. Now, two decades later, he’s back in her life as the [...]