Джон Стюарт Милль


О свободе (Джон Милль)

Студия «МедиаКнига» представляет аудиокнигу «О свободе» Джона Стюарта Милля – одного из наиболее заметных англоязычных философов XIX века, социолога, экономиста и политического деятеля. [...]

Political science. Classics collection (Никколо Макиавелли, Владимир Ленин, Томас Мор, Сунь-цзы, Карл Маркс, Платон, Фридрих Энгельс, и др. )

Why Political Science Classics Collection is so important? In today’s world, providing quality training for the younger generation at colleges and universities is of primary importance. But higher education is not enough. Any graduate is first and foremost a citizen of his nation. He has the right to be an actor in the political life of his [...]

Utilitarianism (Джон Милль)

Mill’s book Utilitarianism first appeared as a series of three articles published in Fraser’s Magazine in 1861 and was reprinted as a single book in 1863. John Stuart Mill was brought up as a Benthamite with the explicit intention that he would carry on the cause of utilitarianism. Utilitarianism is a family of consequentialist ethical [...]

On Liberty (Джон Милль)

On Liberty is a philosophical essay by the English philosopher John Stuart Mill. Published in 1859, it applies Mill’s ethical system of utilitarianism to society and state. Mill suggests standards for the relationship between authority and liberty. He emphasizes the importance of individuality, which he considers prerequisite to the higher [...]

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