Abigail Reno


The Best of Oscar Wilde (Оскар Уайльд)

“Selected works of Oscar Wilde «„Best of Oscar Wilde“» is the book that everyone should read to understand themselves and each other. “The ones who are able to see the high meaning of beauty are cultural people. However, the chosen one is the one who sees only one thing in beauty: the Beauty itself” said one of the most famous [...]

The Happy Prince and Other Stories (Оскар Уайльд)

The Happy Prince and Other Stories is a collection of stories for children. It contains five stories, «The Happy Prince» «The Nightingale and the Rose» «The Selfish Giant» «The Devoted Friend» and «The Remarkable Rocket». It is most famous for its title story, «The Happy Prince». In the main story, a swallow meets the statue of the [...]

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