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Mumu (Иван Тургенев)

“Mumu” is the psychological story of Ivan Turgenev about the deaf-mute janitor Gerasim, who, due to the whim of his lady, was forced to part with his beloved and drown his only friend – a dog. The author sympathizes with the simple and kind Gerasim, and his mistress portrays tough, cynical and capricious. Other famous works, such as «Asya» [...]

The Prussian Officer (Дэвид Герберт Лоуренс)

The first narrative in the collection is «The Prussian Officer» which tells of a Captain and his orderly. Having wasted his youth gambling, the captain has been left with only his military career, and though he has taken on mistresses throughout his life, he remains single. His young orderly is involved in a relationship with a young woman, and [...]

The Adventure Collection. 10 Masterpieces You Have to Read Before You Die (Джек Лондон, Марк Твен, Жюль Верн, Роберт Льюис Стивенсон, Джонатан Свифт, Редьярд Киплинг, Даниэль Дефо, и др. )

“Adventure! Real-life adventures from history and fictitious adventures inspired by what could be! Journeys to captivate your mind, enthrall your spirit, and get the blood moving in your veins! This collection holds the best time-tested tales of adventure that have been read and reread by millions of readers throughout the ages. Beware! By [...]

Treasure Island (Роберт Льюис Стивенсон)

“Treasure Island is an adventure novel by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson, narrating a tale of «„buccaneers and buried gold.“» Its influence is enormous on popular perceptions of pirates, including such elements as treasure maps marked with an “X,” schooners, the Black Spot, tropical islands, and one-legged seamen bearing [...]

The Best of Oscar Wilde (Оскар Уайльд)

“Selected works of Oscar Wilde «„Best of Oscar Wilde“» is the book that everyone should read to understand themselves and each other. “The ones who are able to see the high meaning of beauty are cultural people. However, the chosen one is the one who sees only one thing in beauty: the Beauty itself” said one of the most famous [...]

10 Great Russian Short Stories (Лев Толстой, Антон Чехов, Николай Гоголь, Федор Достоевский, Иван Тургенев, Леонид Андреев и др. )

10 Great Russian Short Story. The Russian short stories that will make a vivid impression on a person: The Mantle by Nikolai Gogol, Notes from the Underground by Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Dream of a Ridiculous Man by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Death of Ivan Illyich by Leo Tolstoy, Darkness by Anton Chekhov, The Avenger by Anton Chekhov, A Troublesome [...]

The Canterville Ghost (Оскар Уайльд)

he story is about a family who moves to a castle haunted by the ghost of a dead nobleman, who killed his wife and was starved to death by his wife’s brothers. The home of the Canterville Ghost was the ancient Canterville Chase, which has all the accoutrements of a traditional haunted house. Descriptions of the wainscoting, the library [...]

Common Sense (Томас Пейн)

Thomas Paine was born in Great Britain; he came to America at the age of 37 for the first time. He is rightly considered to be the Anglo-American writer, philosopher, publicist, as well as «American godfather» for supporting separatist spirits and inspiring Americans to fight for their independence (at that very moment, the break between America [...]

The Judge's House (Брэм Стокер)

“The Judge’s House” is a classic ghost story by the Irish author Bram Stoker. The story was first published in the December 5, 1891, special Christmas issue of the Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News weekly magazine. It was later republished in Dracula’s Guest and Other Weird Stories (1914). The short story has since [...]

Grimm’s Fairy Tales (20 tales) (Якоб и Вильгельм Гримм)

Grimms’ Fairy Tales, originally known as the Children’s and Household Tales, is a collection of fairy tales by the Grimm brothers or «Brothers Grimm» Jakob and Wilhelm, first published on 20 December 1812. The first edition contained 86 stories, and by the seventh edition in 1857, had 210 unique fairy tales. Encouraged by Arnim, they [...]

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