Sachi Lovatt


Alarm of War, Book III: Desperate Measures (Kennedy Hudner)

Betrayal, espionage, assassination, war… The dramatic conclusion to the Alarm of War trilogy. The final book. The final battle. The Dominion has been defeated, but at a terrible cost. The Victorian Fleet is battered and in need of repair. But while the Dominion has been defeated, the Tilleke now prepare to invade the Victorian Sector. The [...]

Alarm of War, Book II: The Other Side of Fear (Kennedy Hudner)

The Dominion’s surprise attack was almost a total success. Victoria’s home world was captured. Victoria’s vaunted Second Fleet was annihilated, its Third Fleet shattered. The Home Fleet fought a bitter and bloody rear-guard action as Queen Anne and the space station Atlas fled to Refuge, but now they are trapped there. The Dominion fleet [...]

Alarm of War, Book I (Kennedy Hudner)

Intrigue. Betrayal. A devastating surprise attack and a frantic fight to survive. Gritty warfare in space as four young officers respond to the alarm of war. Four officer cadets in the Victorian Fleet meet in training camp. Emily, the young woman who dreams of becoming a Fleet historian, but discovers her real talents lay elsewhere. Grant, the [...]

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