Hudoyberdi Tukhtabaev – Riding a yellow genie

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Книга из раздела: Зарубежные детские книги, Книги, Литерат.

О книге
«Hudoyberdi Tukhtabaev – Riding a yellow genie»

Once upon a time, there lived a boy named Khoshim, who did not want to study, help his mother with the housework. But one day this lazy boy finds a fabulous magic cap that could fulfil any desire of the owner. Full of confidence that with the help of a wonderful cap he will make a lot of heroic deeds and become famous all over the world, Khoshimjon goes to wander around the world. And what kind of tests, what adventures-dangerous and noble, funny and touching – did not happen to him until he finally realized that without difficulty, without knowledge, a person will not achieve anything.Illustration by: Matkarimov M.

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