Игорь Княгницкий – Rescue of Araklia

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Книга из раздела: Боевое фэнтези, Героическая фантастика, Любовное фэнтези, Книги, Литерат.

О книге
«Игорь Княгницкий – Rescue of Araklia»

The novel is set in our days. The main character, a young girl Alice, after the unexpected death of her beloved grandmother, receives a mysterious box with an unusual poem at its bottom. The solution of the secret that poem, in conjunction with the unusual dream she saw, leads her to an ancient oak tree in the forest. Here she finds the key to the box and discovers another key inside. Returning home, she finds herself in a completely different forest, which is radically different from the previous one. Alice enters the world of Araklia. Soon, fleeing from a pack of hungry Wargs, she has been rescued by the elf Enilice, who tells her that the key in the box is the key to the dungeon of the angel Eraqel, the creator of their world, and she, the keeper of the key. Her mission is to free the angel and bring peace back to Araklia, which has been captured by the Naabs. Creatures who entered this world through the subtle magical channels.

Содержит нецензурную брань.

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