Николай Лакутин — Adequate temporarily. Play for 10 people

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Книга из раздела: Драматургия, Зарубежная драматургия, Кинематограф, театр, Книги, Литерат.

О книге
«Николай Лакутин — Adequate temporarily. Play for 10 people»

Where else so it is possible to doubt adequacy of «colleagues on shop», as in turn in children’s policlinic moreover if the handsome man gets to a whirlpool of furious mothers. There’s room for everything. And cunning and insolence and flattery. Here you can make enemies, and you can find friends! Here you can destroy many established ideas, and you can build a new life. Who what will fall «phantom of fate» — see in the dramatic Comedy » Adequate temporarily»

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