Susan Fox – To Tame a Bride

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О книге
«Susan Fox – To Tame a Bride»

REBEL BridesTwo rebellious cousins–and the men who tame them!Maddie St. John knows that Lincoln Coryell has dismissed her as a spoiled, glamorous socialite. He seems alternately amused and annoyed by her, which infuriates Maddie, as she badly needs his help! Only, pride won’t let her admit it–or that she finds his rugged good looks irresistible….Lincoln Coryell knows he’s the first man to stand up to Maddie. He can’t believe his bad luck when he’s stranded alone with her! Only, to his surprise, this disaster reveals a different side to Maddie. Linc sees the vulnerability beneath her prickly pride and realizes he could be the man to tame her!

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