Xenia Nikitina – The teacher

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О книге
«Xenia Nikitina – The teacher»

Living peacefully and legally was never part of Thomas Schulman’s plan. In a night place where there is a lot of booze and fake “high society” there will definitely be a secluded place for personal bloody reprisals. Having an obligation to hide his actions, Thomas turns into a literature teacher in college once a week and reads the best works together with the students. However, Lillian Young, an avid truant and who has taken too much responsibility on her shoulders, bursts into Thomas’ life and his world,breaking it to pieces. She denies the existence of love and Thomas ends each session with an argument, proving the opposite through literary works. Every day, Thomas ‘ sympathy and interest grow, and when they reach their peak, the man offers Lily a deal,wanting to prove the existence of love by their example.Lily could not know about Shulman’s real life not assuming that she was facing a gangster with a gun in his bosom, and the whole of London was in fear.

Содержит нецензурную брань.

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