Allison Leigh

Allison Leigh — Sarah And The Sheriff

The Hero Returns…And for Sarah Clay, that was bad news – because Max Scalise had rejected her seven years ago. And now Max was back in town, working as a sheriff and everywhere she turned. His slightest touch still caused her traitorous body to quake, but Sarah could keep her cool. Couldn’t she? When it came to Sarah, Max felt the same as [...]

Allison Leigh — Millionaire's Instant Baby

WIFE FOR HIRE?Devilishly cool, handsome and clever, tycoon Kyle Montgomery always got what he wanted–and right now it was that Emma Valentine and her newborn pose as his wife and child. Kyle wouldn’t take no for an answer–he needed an instant family to close a deal…Though Emma at first found Kyle’s arrogance impossible, she [...]

Allison Leigh — Married To A Stranger

Back in sleepy Weaver, Wyoming, for his father’s wedding, rich and handsome Tristan Clay found himself unaccountably attracted to bespectacled Hope Leoni—a homespun, hometown schoolmarm! With every fiber of his astonished being, he craved her innocent kiss. Just a kiss—nothing more.Tristan knew better to flirt further with such a sweet, [...]