Зарубежная драматургия

Nikolay Lakutin — A fake wife or a dirty old man. Play for 4-5 people

What will be the most terrible test for a young family? Crisis of the year? Three? Five years? Dissection of lost sight of bad habits and the true face of the partner? Can be, any secret addictions spouse (spouse) or, in late all, affiliation to secret societies? Sects? No! All this is nonsense compared to only one person, a dirty old [...]

Луций Сенека — Сенека. Собрание сочинений

Луций Анней Сенека – крупнейший римский философ, первый представитель стоицизма в Древнем мире. Особую роль в формировании взглядов философа сыграл древнегреческий мыслитель Посидоний. В [...]

Николай Лакутин — Adequate temporarily. Play for 10 people

Where else so it is possible to doubt adequacy of «colleagues on shop», as in turn in children’s policlinic moreover if the handsome man gets to a whirlpool of furious mothers. There’s room for everything. And cunning and insolence and flattery. Here you can make enemies, and you can find friends! Here you can destroy many [...]

Николай Лакутин — Unusual service. Play for 4-5 people

If the therapist did not put the most pleasant diagnosis – this is not a reason to get upset! It is much more reasonable to identify the strengths of the destructive quality and sublimate them into life at a favorable angle. That’s what our hero did and organized an original, profitable and very popular [...]

Николай Лакутин — Unreal fool. One-man play

Surprisingly unlucky, naive, trusting utterly and looking for a miracle, a man lives in his little world, without removing the «pink glasses». He is very peculiar, if not worse, but this does not prevent him from remaining a good man, who turns out to have something to learn from successful wealthy people. What is this «fruit»? [...]

Вильям Форс — 314 Преступлений

Книга повествует историю о двух друзьях, гениальном детективе и не менее одаренном химике, которые попали в непростую ситуацию. Химик «Картер» создал химический наркотик, под воздействием [...]

Николай Лакутин — Postal history

The dreamer – romantic guy has been sending parcels to his beloved through the local post office for three years. He is very scrupulous about Souvenirs, which he puts into parcels and waits, hopes for a bit of reciprocity. But one day he learns that the mail has completely failed him. None of the packages ever reached the addressee. How will the [...]

Николай Лакутин — Courier. Play for 2 people

Your bad hair day Mercantile employee promises him some problems. He intends to solve them as needed. The first task is to eliminate the hungry state. Causes pizza delivery to the house and appeared in the doorway of the courier changes his whole life. How? See in a short dynamic Comedy [...]
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