Dmitry Guéorguiévitch Borrony

Dmitry Borrony ,Liudmila Borrony — Poems in English: about everything

These complete works in English. These verses on everything. About love and about fine. About harmful habits of the person. About flight of soul. About Love to the fatherland and about many other. This picture taken by the author of these verses to Ramenskoye of the Moscow Region. Эта фотография сделана автором этих [...]

Dmitry Borrony, Liudmila Borrony — My city 3: records Emmanuel

This story about how one doctor put the patient on drug. We always trust the doctors, and we always Fulfill their requirements. But sometimes, doctors hurt us. They experiment in public the medicines, and sometimes put the patients on drugs. And also here it is written about rest of a human soul, about its harmony and balance with a body. Here it [...]