Elizabeth Mayne

Elizabeth Mayne — Man Of The Mist

Mrs. Evan MacGregor. The Mere Sound of It Sent Chills Up Elizabeth’s Spine, for the knowledge of her marriage to Evan was a dangerous secret, one she hadn’t enjoyed keeping over the last five years. And now he was back to claim her as his wife! But that could never be, for she could not risk losing her son to the father he had never [...]

Elizabeth Mayne — Lady Of The Lake

Keeper Of The Ancient SecretsTala ap Griffin was both princess and priestess to the people of Arden Wood. And Lord Edon Halfdansson had succumbed to her mysterious charms. But was her power simple woodland sorcery, or the force of eternal love?His liege had decreed that Edon, Wolf of Warwick, return to his lair and take to wife the bewitching [...]