Irene Brand

Irene Brand — To Love and Honor

Love is patient…With her warmth and grace, Violet Conley easily captured the heart of her neighbor Roger Gibson. Yet, the handsome law officer believed she’d always think of him as merely a friend.Love bears all things…Suddenly Violet faced stunning news. News that tested her faith and challenged her courage. And when so many abandoned [...]

Irene Brand — Song of Her Heart

As a teenager, Norah Williamson believed she had a calling from God, but she had put everything on hold for the sake of her family. Now her obligations were over, and she was finally ready to pursue her own dreams.Widower Mason King had lost all hope of ever seeing his dreams come true– dreams of a Christian wife, and of children growing up to [...]

Irene Brand — Made for Each Other

Single mother doesn’t seek love Raising a teenager kept widow Aimee Blake too busy for a relationship. Or so she said. Her daughter was trying–with all her rebellious might–to cut the apron strings. So Aimee took some «me time.» She attended a singles group and met a handsome counselor as not interested in romance as she was.With his [...]

Irene Brand — Listen to Your Heart

Laurel Cooper was too busy planning her only daughter’s wedding to make time for romance.But the fortysomething widow couldn’t ignore the rugged photojournalist who’d appeared on her doorstep to photograph her antebellum home-turned-boarding house. Especially not when they spent so much time together as she gave him tours of [...]