Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor — Saving His Little Miracle

Bound together by their childPaediatric neurosurgeon Vincenzo Lombardi is stunned by Nurse Lowri Davies’s dramatic re-entry into his life – he hasn’t seen her since their passionate few days together five years ago. But with the news that he’s the father of her adorable but seriously ill little girl he’s left both reeling and [...]

Jennifer Taylor — Mr. Right All Along

Dr Right in front of her eyes…Paediatricians Eve and Ryan have not been having a relationship all the way back to their student days! They were firm friends, nothing more, because Ryan ‘never-short-of-a-date’ Sullivan didn’t ever intend to get involved with anyone and Eve was waiting for Mr Right. Then a playful kiss revealed a chemistry [...]

Jennifer Taylor — Miracle Under The Mistletoe

’Tis the season for second chances?Two years ago A&E Consultant Sean Fitzgerald left Molly Daniels broken-hearted. Now he’s back, and the reception she gives him is frostier than the weather! But he’s determined to reveal the truth about his past…Walking away from Molly was the hardest thing Sean’s ever done, but now she’s within [...]

Jennifer Taylor — The Woman He's Been Waiting For

Playboy doctor Harry Shaw is rich, successful and extremely handsome. Since his arrival at Ferndale Surgery, he has charmed almost everybody, except GP Grace Kennedy. Grace refuses to be impressed by Harry’s charisma and good looks–she has known him too long and too well.But Grace hadn’t counted on her heart completely overruling her [...]